Introducing DevRaven

Introducing DevRaven


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I am happy to announce the launch of DevRaven, the startup that I have been working on for the last few months. DevRaven is a developer tools platform that helps developers and engineering teams with their development and operations activities.

Modern DevOps teams now own end-to-end responsibility from development, deployments and operations of their services. They proactively setup monitoring to ensure the services are functional, they want to be first to know about potential issues and resolve them before there is customer impact.

DevRaven enables engineering teams or individual developers to setup active monitoring for their services/applications and get alerted when things don't work as expected.

Today's launch makes available the following products:

API Monitoring

Monitor your HTTP end points and perform no-code or scripted assertions.

Synthetic Monitoring

Execute browser based end-to-end tests using Playwright framework. No setup required.

SSL Monitoring

Monitor SSL certificates for your end points and get alerted before they expire.

Web Page Monitoring

Run continuous Lighthouse audits on your web pages to ensure best performance, SEO.

These suite of products allow developers to monitor, run regression tests and helps identify potential issues. Slack, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty, Email integration are also available so you get alerted on your preferred channels for any monitoring failures.

Please try out DevRaven for free. No credit card needed. Our docs are available at