A new beginning


2 min read

Today is my last working day at ServiceNow.

I started my software engineering career in May of 2005. And for the entire time since then, I worked on various technologies and developed many complex features for various enterprises. For the longest time I wanted to work on my own startup and build a product without any technical constraints. After a long wait of 11 years, I finally have the immigration status that would allow me to work on my own startup.

I always felt immigration was the only thing that was stopping me from my startup dream. Though I have the skills to build something, have the money to last for a period without a job and health insurance benefits figured out through my wife's employment - I now know leaving a stable and well-paying job is really hard. I can't clearly explain this feeling, but it burns so deep and within that I have to do it. Thanks to my wife for giving me the push I needed to take this leap. I know this will be hard, but I am determined to give it my fullest.

Ideas are cheap and easy, building something is hard, selling and supporting is even harder. Whether I will build something successful or not is secondary, but I should try. I will share my experiences technical and business in this blog in the coming months.